Egypt, the Gift of the Nile

Hi Everyone!

I would like to apologize for not putting a blog up sooner, but I have had finals for the last two weeks, whether through the form of projects, papers, or actual exams. This week I will posting a few different research papers that I have been working on this semester.

Today, I will post my final term paper for my Egyptian Foreign Policy class. I wrote mine about Egypt’s foreign policy towards the Nile Basin countries. The Nile River is the main source of fresh water for about 40% of Africa’s population. The biggest problem is the populations in each country are growing, and the water is depleting. Egypt has had a monopoly over the river and now they are coming into conflict with the other Nile Basin countries, especially Ethiopia.

This is actually was not aware of how important this problem is to the national security of Egypt till I began doing the research. Please read the document I have attached with all my work!


Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Rest of the Nile Basin


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